What is Your Fire?

I know…you’ve probably heard this question umpteen times already in your life. But here, I’ve coded it…and the code word, if you haven’t already figured it out, is fire for passion. It seems to be the big concern…that is among creatives, artists, and absolutely anyone else who is sick of settling for typical. I’m not being exclusive here – I’m just feeling extremely sarcastic and short-wired right now while writing this…so, I mean every one of course.

What would our lives be like without passion? And yet how many hours of our days and years of our lives do we spend doing things with little or no passion? If you’re already thinking of rationalizing why you live without passion…STOP! Right now, STOP and consider facing something…you’re AFRAID!

Hey, I’ve been there. A lot of times. I still am sometimes. It’s okay to be afraid because it means that courage and fearlessness exist. Thank God for the contrast, huh!

The gist of this little spill-out of mine is purely because one of my passions is writing – so here you have it 🙂 !

For reasons that are different for each person, we humans tend to actually be afraid of passion and even more so, of living with passion and from that amazingly powerful place of fiery emotion in our heart and soul. Yet you know deep in yourself, that you want to and that you are absolutely made to. What are you going to do this week to learn about your fire and live with that passion?

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