Campfire Sandwich Recipe

_DSC4029Sandwiches on the grill are great, but even better are sandwiches on the campfire! Close your eyes and imagine the smokey-ness of the hot embers and burning wood, slow-cooked into an assortment of fresh goodies pressed between soft slices of delicious homemade bread. A recent camping trip inspired my boyfriend and I to create a gourmet sandwich that we not only made for dinner, but also savored once again for breakfast. We’re happy to share the camping meal happiness with you as well. So now, open your eyes, gather your gear and ingredients, and go camping to enjoy this recipe!


  • A Campfire
  • Cast-Iron Sandwich Press
  • Sharp Knife
  • Good Colorado Beers to Drink while cooking



  • Fresh bread – We got ours from the Longmont Farmers Market that morning. It was a round loaf baked with Asiago and Basil…Mmmmm
  • Haystack Mountain Goat Cheese – The particular kind we used was the Alpine style, not smoked. I believe on Haystack’s site, it’s called the Wall Street Gold. This was also picked up from their booth at the Longmont Farmer’s Market.
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Bell Peppers – The more colorful the better! Eric and I used an assortment of yellow, red, and even deep-purple bell peppers that were fresh from the farmers market.
  • Lunch meat of your choice – Our choice was the Boar’s Head natural applewood-smoked ham
  • Cholula Hot Sauce – This happened to be in our camping supplies anyways, so we tossed it on. It was the chipotle flavor.
  • Honey – Another fun little camping treat that we gathered at the farmers market were honey sticks. There were different flavors and the one we drizzled in the sandwich before putting it to cook in the fire, was the lemon honey.


The How-To

  1. Roast your peppers first by cutting off the tops, cleaning out the seeds, and putting them on a spit or poker (whatever their called) and holding them over the flame. Once they’re nice and blackened and sizzling hot, put them aside to let them cool and later wipe off the blackened-charred outer skin (or leave it on if you like that extra charred taste in your sandwich).
  2. Drizzle and spread around some olive oil on the inside of both sides of the cast-iron sandwich press.
  3. Fill up one side of the press with your bottom slice(s) of bread, drizzle on the bread your Cholula Sauce and some dashes of salt and pepper.
  4. Next layer on your cheese and slices of lunch meat. On this first stack, drizzle a honey stick.
  5. Top off with your bell peppers, sliced and laid out flat.
  6. Then finish it off with your top slice(s) of bread, over which you close the press  and latch to seal the deal.
  7. Place the press flat over the flames and into some of the hot embers, turning at least once to cook evenly inside. You’ll know when it’s done from the smells and the sound of juices sizzling out along the edges.

As this Spanish-American woman says, even when not in Spain, buen provecho – enjoy!




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