A Writer’s Inspiration

For months now I have slacked in my writing. See that? I used the word “slacked”…it tends to be a more negative connotation and fact of the matter is, it shows me that I’m judging myself. Maybe what it comes down to, is that I simply needed time to not be writing; that uncomfortable strange place to be as a writer where you just can’t bring yourself to carve words out anywhere, in any way, because it’s all too obvious that every word you consider expressing is influenced by your concern of what people will think…Am I being politically correct? Is my grammar perfect? Are people going to be drawn to this and like it? Or at least respond to it? Is it too long? Questions, what-if’s, doubts…and they’re all sadly based on what everybody else will think. It’s okay to go through periods like this. It’s neither good or bad, certainly not wrong or right, because it’s simply being human. I guess it’s also part of learning what it means to be a writer. What brings me out on the other side is inspiration from my fellow-writers and creatives. I believe everyone is creative…I am referring here to those who are expressing it, living it, sharing themselves by sharing the expression and passion of themselves with the world. It’s always there…the beautiful magic of creativity that is deep within us all…at one time or another, we don’t fully know it and therefore cannot express and enjoy it. Then the time comes when we do. I am encouraged right now to witness that time fulfilled for the countless people I am discovering and for myself…

Last night, I researched the top travel blog sites (click here to enjoy that great piece on Fathom)…it opened up a magnificent experience of poetry and prose through the beauty of what people are doing out there. Visually, by reading, listening, exploring…I realized that the common thread between all of them, is that each person behind each site, was simply being themselves…they were opening themselves and enjoying life, pursuing their heart’s desire, trusting those desires, and producing. They produce…they write and photograph; many record video and edit, design and, above all, they all experience and share!

I love the energy of encouragement and inspiration I still feel, this next morning, when I think of the pure authenticity of the writings…with no regard for being judged, they creatively express themselves and their encounters with others, with life and themselves…sentences that dance about, breaking the rules of grammar and uniquely connecting me with another part of the world and with other people. It’s amazing to me! People everywhere are being themselves. When a writer simply opens their heart and allows themselves to pour out into words, or video or art…music or even food…travel…the possibilities are ever-expanding.

Produce, Amalia…just write and produce; simply be open and express. I am thankful for how we are inspired by each other. The most amazing sources of inspiration are my family and loved ones…my mother, Angie Del Riego, who is an artist to the extreme with her singing, guitar-playing, and painting. My younger brothers, Brendan and Mark, who are my best friends, and my lover and soul-mate Eric, who is the heart of creativity and self-expression through his drawing, photography and video. And especially through how he loves me. Writing mentor and timeless friend, Tom LaRotunda, who inspires me as an author and leader. I am so grateful for my followers on my blogs…friends I have never met in person, yet am connected with through our writing, our traveling and pursuit of living life creatively. Blogs like Loca Gringa from the Dominican Republic, come to my mind…travel writers like Matthew Hirtes from the Gran Canaria Local…and the many out there who are on that journey of self-discovery and self-expression. It is all worth it. Thank you for being YOU!


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