Changing My Blog’s Tagline

_DSC5891Change is good. It keeps things fresh…so the time has come to change the tagline on my blog. This blog (Amalia Vida), is my personal blog out of two blogs that I have. The other one is my travel blog called Amalia Travel. Since I started Amalia Vida two years ago, the tagline has been Life is for Experiencing. I still like that to this day and it’s meaning remains true for me. It always will, really. Yet I wanted to expand on it…to capture a bit more…more of what I’ve learned, what I feel now…all those wonderful things that we grow in on our journey through this life.

Here is where I’m going with my new tagline. I like to talk in stories, so please keep reading. It’s like getting a surprise at the end. Who doesn’t like that?

When I was traveling last year throughout Italy, I made new Italian friends and many of them pointed out to me, “Your name, Amalia, has the Italian word ‘Ama’ in it, which means ‘Love’.” I thought that was the neatest thing and to this day I strive to really live that out. My own ethnic background is from Spain and the Dominican Republic, filling my life with the Spanish language. That’s where I got the idea for the word “Vida”, which means “Life”. Put the two together and you have my blog title, Amalia Vida. It completely makes sense because I love living a lot! You could say I’m an experience-junky, perhaps…I think I am. The more I live, the more I open up to and seek experiences and from there, feel even more led to express myself and create my own experiences. So…

My new tagline is “Love Life: Experience & Express”. You’ve probably already seen it at the top of this blog page. But now, you know the story behind it! Well, that is, one of the stories. Keep coming back to visit me and to check in on what experiences and expressions of myself I am writing about as I continue to love life. I hope it inspires you to love life in your own way too.

2013-07-12 19.05.15


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