A Grown-Up Christmas Tree

2013-12-21 11.13.09Something came over me…a desire to make things with my own hands; to create and construct. I’m still chuckling at the fact that I didn’t act on this instinct until mid-December. Here it is, two days till Christmas, and I’m still painting and cutting, drawing and hanging. Indulging a long-dormant energy of craftiness, my household community and I are enjoying making our own Christmas decorations. Since we’re all well into adulthood, the theme and style has emerged as hilariously adult-ish. I thought of naming this post “An Adult Christmas Tree” and then went with “grown-up”,…just in case. What has manifested is truly a Christmas tree of adult nature and it makes me smile at the feeling that we are extending our years with the child-like spirit of Christmas, applied so enthusiastically to where we are in our life. 

2013-12-16 22.44.28-1We have our Homer Simpson and monkey, a leopard-print prostitute and rasta-man, my impression of my boyfriend Eric, and a zombie, mermaid, and comic superheros like Batman and Wolverine. I kept the paints to a simple few choices of acrylic Christmas colors, glittery gold and plain white. As left-over items popped up, I also incorporated re-using things like empty paper-towel cardboard rolls, the cardboard spindles of ribbon, and strung popcorn for old-fashioned garland around the tree.

2013-12-16 22.42.33-1

2013-12-15 14.27.02I kept the ornament-creating to the simple flour-dough recipe I remembered using when I was a kid…just tons of flour, salt and warm water. The items I bought were all on sale and fantastically cheap. Ribbon and glass balls, white lights and small stockings…they were all 50-70% off at Michael’s. Our tree was bought at my favorite local farm in the Boulder area, Cottonwood Farms. Getting a live tree from there was so much funnier than buying one from a corporate lot like Lowes or Home Depot. The people are the original family that has been farming there for generations and their trees are great quality for the same prices. He’s a Nordmann tree, so we call him Nordmann 🙂

2013-12-21 11.13.00

Taking the days of December to decorate a tree is my way of enjoying the holiday season. I think I’m getting the hang of how to make Christmas special to me as an adult. It still holds magical fun for me and my loved ones.

2013-12-16 22.43.21


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