Inspired by Saudi Women

Sitting in my kitchen tonight, I was contemplating rather or not I should pull out my laptop and write a blog post. The feelings I had about it were a mixture of feeling sorry for myself and discouraged. When I sat with it and looked at it intentionally, I came to see that it was mainly laziness and apathy. Then a welcoming, saving thought came into my awareness…the interview I had seen the night before about the first Saudi woman, Haifaa Al Mansour, to make a full-length feature film. Wadjda is also the first to be made in Saudi Arabia.Images of the movie’s trailer and the young Saudi girl it features, came alive in my mind.

It washed over me like a wave and carried me away to get off my butt and write this post…I thought of all the women in Saudi Arabia and other similar countries…their cultures are different from what I know or have experienced and their entire way of life for them as women presents challenges that I have never had to live with or even encounter as a woman. Yet from them arise women who come to trust and know their heart. In their own way and their own time, they risk much and, in most cases, sacrifice a lot, to bravely pursue and follow their dreams.

All this to say, I do appreciate and respect aspects of the Saudi culture, while at the same time am recognizing the aspects of it that are difficult and discriminatory for women. As the director of the film, Haifaa Al Mansour, wonderfully captures in the film, we don’t have to blast a loud, in-your-face message to inspire and spark change. From what I’ve learned about the film so far, my impression and inspiration I take away is that the director wanted to present the beauty of Saudi Arabia by filming it there and give respect to the culture and people while encouraging women to embrace change and not forget their origins.

If these and many of the women throughout our world, overcome such societal and gender obstacles to share what they love and who they are, why would I not embrace every moment and ability I have to enjoy and share my desires and dreams as well? With all the opportunity and freedoms I have, I have no excuse to not work towards my ambitions. Whether it be extreme external opposition or the internal fears of our own vulnerable souls, we can each overcome anything to express and enjoy ourselves. Perhaps it’s there in our story for a reason…it’s part of the journey and growing, the amazing unfolding of our expansion. For this matter, sharing our gifts and message, is that much more rewarding.

To every woman, thank you for acknowledging what it is you may have to wrestle with and pass through, to persist in the journey of being YOU to our world. You are an inspiration to me.

To learn more about the film “Wadjda” visit and Like their Facebook Page: 


5 responses to “Inspired by Saudi Women

    • Where did you see the movie Justyna? Thanks so much for reading my post and sharing about your own experience and inspiration from the movie. That’s fantastic to hear. What specifically did it inspire you to do?

      • I saw it online a few weeks ago. Well, you know, the movie itself shows how people can break general boarders given by the society, so it can be inspiring in many ways 🙂

      • I didn’t know it could be watched online already! Thanks for responding Justyna. I’m glad it inspired you in more ways than one. From what I’ve seen of the movie, it feels like that to me too. Stay in touch!

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