You and Facebook?

facebook-iconCan you remember the days when we didn’t have Facebook? I’m in my early thirties, so I certainly do…yet I realize, as the years go by, there’s upcoming generations that don’t know a time without the powerful online social network. Do you like Facebook? It’s use is not limited to just personal profiles anymore. For some time now, it’s a powerful tool for business as well. What’s your interaction with FB? Personal? Business? Maybe it’s both…

I use it personally and for a couple of years now, have been using it for business too. Well, to be exact, it’s also my line of work. I teach companies and entrepreneurs how to use Facebook, and other social media platforms, to market their business and connect with their audiences. How about you? Even if you don’t use it for business, do you “follow” businesses on their Facebook Pages? Let’s not forget the revolutionary changes to marketing that the good ‘ol Facebook has born…I can’t tell you how many people I talk to and help whose biggest “ah-ha” moment is realizing that snagging and organizing people’s geographical information for demographic analysis….ya-da, ya-da…you know what I mean…is not even really needed most of the time and certainly not the most powerful driving force of harnessing social media to expand you and your business. While that still holds importance and can help, it’s more so about interacting with your audiences and drawing them from practically anywhere geographically. I get excited about how it is capable of being dynamically personable and creates a new aspect of marketing: growing advocates, not just consumers, for your company or cause.

My experiences with FB, both personal and professional, have been interesting. Rather than delve into this, I think it helps most to share the overall guiding principle I have learned from those experiences: it’s up to me to stay up to date with Facebook so I have the right expectations of it and take responsibility for my interaction on its platforms. Or more simply put, it always comes back around to taking full responsibility of myself. I can’t have something happen and blame it on Facebook if I’m choosing to use them and place myself in their environment. Especially on the personal side, my motto is “if you don’t like it, don’t use it”.

Screenshot 2014-01-06 11.48.35

What have your experiences been like? Do you hate it? Love it? Use it regardless of what you feel about it? I have found it great to use for enjoying and sharing about my passions, like traveling and writing. Yet the more I use it personally, the more I’m convinced that while it’s really fun for connecting with people personally, I think its healthier use long-term, is for business rather than personal. For a while now, we’ve been hearing about how the power of online social platforms can create this unrealistic picture of what our life and the lives of others are. I’ve heard it referred to as “Facebook envy” and other phrases being coined. It makes sense…I see it happen to myself sometimes. Perhaps it comes down to what we each make of it…

But what are your thoughts? If you like the business side and things like travel and writing, check out and Like my Facebook Page: Travel Life & Writing and remember, please share with your friends. To end on a positive note, Facebook does encourage that powerful quality…sharing!

Working my social media business from Oviedo, Spain...

Working my social media business from Oviedo, Spain…

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