Let’s Just Create!

You know…when it really comes down to it…there’s no excuse for not creating. Why should I put off any longer what I want to make, what I want to bring to life? If it really is important to me, if it really is something I’m passionate about, then I must create it! And today, that’s what I did.

I recently had some tea and on the tea tag, it said “Let it come to you”. That short sentence was taken to heart and each day since then, it pops into my head. Maybe it’s getting into my heart too. Cause today, I feel I experienced it coming true. You see, I like to sing. People say my voice is good. That’s subjective of course. What I do know, though, is that to sing, makes me smile and sometimes, it just starts to happen without me even trying. It feels good.

When a new friend emailed me the other day asking to get together and make some music, I thought back to that tea tag…you know, the one about letting it come to you. I thought this music-making opportunity was gone and past, yet here it was, emailing me! Today, I went and sang some songs. With this great producer and friend, we created music! And it was so fun and fulfilling. The main goal was to record a new version of an old Sinatra song. I’ll let you know which one when its done and we release it online. My friend Kyle crafted a version that morphs into a reggae sound…yeah, you read that right…reggae. We adjusted the mic for my height (or I should say, shortness), put the headphones on me, and away we recorded. Now he’s going to mix and adjust, slice and dice, and voila! We’ll have a new song soon, to share with you and the world.

Amazing, the joy of creativity. Sometimes to comes from things that have already been created and other times, it may be completely from scratch. Either way, it is the experience, the bringing to life and how it connects us with others, that is my favorite part! It is creation.

How have you created lately? What did it feel like for you? I hope you go out and just create, as soon as you can. Do it now, before the day gets away from you.

5 responses to “Let’s Just Create!

  1. Yes! so glad, or should I say excited to know that you are enjoying ¨creating¨ music! a trade that carries on in your blood from your ancestors, going back several centuries, found as part of Spanish treasures of literature: ¨El Romancero Riego¨, in words and music that carried on the first Republic with music: ¨Himno Riego¨, that was for decades recognized as the Spanish National Hymn around the world. Keep on going, carry on the tradition of music, the best part of your heritage!

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