Love and Lesiure in Giardini di Via Stendhal

Enjoy this fantastic appreciation of the Italian city of Milan. I am so glad, that similar to this blogger, I have experienced Milano with the local Italians, savoring in the authentic Italian culture of family and enjoying the beauties of life. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts of Milan.

Seeing and Savoring Italy

Although writing has become a routine part of my day, like Stendhal I find time spent in Milan to be entirely devoted to leisure and love.

Milan and its metropolitan commune are home to a branch of our Italian cousins and flying into Malpensa has always been a starting point for my taste travels in Italy. Before leaving on an Italian version of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride through Northern Italy, Tuscany and Umbria visiting regional producers (many now friends) that I source for my business, I spend time in Milan with la famiglia. Time spent with generational layers of the past wrapped around new memories of the present with a loving Italian family I am so happy to know. Wonderful times eating, cooking, shopping and seeing Milano through their eyes and getting to know Italy in a unique and personal way. Stendhal obsessed unhappily for years about the unrequited…

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