Creative Juices Flowing – Ideas?

Lately, I’ve been listening to this fun little desire inside me to make things with my hands. Over Christmas it resulted in hand-made ornaments and festive Christmas decorations on a budget. Now, I’m thinking of making bookmarks and wine glass charms that can be delightful for me and my family, as well as great personalized gifts for friends. So where do I start? Continue reading

A Writer’s Inspiration

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For months now I have slacked in my writing. See that? I used the word “slacked”…it tends to be a more negative connotation and fact of the matter is, it shows me that I’m judging myself. Maybe what it comes down to, is that I simply needed time to not be writing; that uncomfortable strange […]

Denver Art Museum Makes for a Sunday Fun Day!

What a great day! And of course it would be when I decide to have a Sunday, fun-day. After twelve plus years of living in Colorado, I finally visited the Denver Art Museum today. My friend Jack had the idea to spontaneously go and we were rewarded with a serendipitous turn of events when we arrived and learned it was free day and there was no admission to pay for entry! I’ve always loved the architecture of the Denver Art Museum building Continue reading

Quotes of Art…

During my time in Lisbon I came across wonderful places, friendly people, and gorgeous picturesque vistas in the pristine weather. Yet one of my treasures found and enjoyed were some inspiring quotes in a beautiful book of art that I enjoyed reading with a cup of coffee in one of the creatively pleasant cafes I got to enjoy in this new city.

But I’m not going to write about the cafe here, except to let you know its name so you can also enjoy it in Lisbon one day. It’s called Gremio do Carmo and is located in Lisbon’s downtown district.

What I am going to share here are some great quotes that I found in that book of art which is called “A Year in Art: A Painting a Day“. When I first saw the book sitting on their cool hand-crafted shelf, I was more drawn to it than I usually would have been in the past. You see, I read a great article a few weeks ago about how viewing art gives the same pleasure as being in love. “Hhhhmmm” I wondered as I looked at it on the shelf and then brought the heavy thing over to read as I lounged and drank coffee. Not a bad idea to spend my time feeling in love and, even better, while traveling single.

I do not have the paintings to show you that are associated with the few quotes that stood out to me. For that, you have to go buy the book. My hope is that the few quotes I am posting here will be of inspiration and encouragement to you as they are to me. Saúde!

Oh, and P.S….the last one is dedicated to my mother, an amazing painter and singer – an artist in every way!


Gypsy Jazz

Fadora hats, vests and rolled cuffs,

Attire that swaggers into the room.

The notes of instruments sounding,

In trills of waves, like water ebbing.

Up and down, cascading in currents,

Clarinet sings a dance with accordion.

Violin sways, rises, humming richly,

Bass doing a jig, energetic, steady.

Slow and pulsing, rhythm flowing,

Accordion fast and slow with notes.

Fingers drumming, feet tapping,

From those watching with ears, eyes.

Hands coming together, clapping,

Shouts of pleasure rising from voices.

A woman twirling, with hips moving,

Arms extended high, twisting hands.

Steps small, creating movement,

Drawing others in, slight steps.

Boisterous steps, turning, clapping,

Arms around waist, hands holding.

Notes in the air, music as breath,

Growing, ascending, carrying us.

The Love of Movement

I love things that move…

The flow of my fingers along the keys while typing words,

My feet stepping and guiding my body to turn and dance,

Notes ascending and descending from my voice in melodic song…

Continue reading

Coffee – My Kind of Art


In the past I’ve written about my favorite coffee pub, Rooster and Moon. This time though, I just want to write about experiencing coffee – good ‘ol delicious brain awakening coffee….hmmmm. I’ve come to believe that coffee is a type of art. I mean, why not? The taste is of course the first priority but it definitely enhances the experience when it’s done well, such as the gorgeous and delicious latte featured here from R&M. What if we used coffee images, like the one showing here, as inkblot tests? Can you imagine….you’re on a coffee date with someone and you lean over with your latte to ask “So, what do you see in my coffee inkblot?”. Could be very interesting…

Coffee and I go way back. My mother is from the Dominican Republic, home of some of the best coffee in the world in my opinion. And I would like to think that my opinion counts since I’ve been drinking coffee since the age of elementary school. Cafe con leche was my introduction to the coffee world. It’s Spanish for coffee with milk. What they don’t specify in the name is that it’s chock full of sugar as well. If you think that was not enough of a sugar high for kids, don’t worry…we also had it with frosted flakes for breakfast! Whew! Of course this dietary habit would take place when I was actually visiting the Dominican, not so much when I was in the US. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really enjoyed the Dominican coffee, Cafe Monte Alto from the Ramirez Coffee plantation in my mother’s hometown, Jarabacoa. Check it out and stop by for a visit if you’re ever in that beautiful part of the world.

According to Wikipedia, coffee is one of the most-consumed beverages in the world. Studies have shown that it has health benefits, such as antioxidants and the caffeine is not harmful as other forms of caffeine tend to be. It’s woven into multiple cultures as well, with significant meaning to people.

Think of how you enjoy coffee? Or if you don’t enjoy it for yourself, how do you see other’s enjoy the beverage? There’s a comfort to it that, as my Italian friends like to remind me, should be enjoyed sitting down and relaxing, versus  in a to-go cup as you rush to work.

I hope you savor a lovely cup of coffee today and that you take the time to learn something new about yourself by looking into the inkblot of your coffee art.