Gratitude for Achievements!

200 Followers AchievedEven the smallest of achievements are worth being recognized and celebrated. When we practice gratitude for small achievements, which I believe play an essential role in “large” achievements, we’re extending the power of that accomplishment. Picture the ripple effect…that drop of water into a smooth, still body of liquid. Ripple after ripple is created and it extends further and further out. All it takes is just that one little drop.

I just got one of those nifty notifications from WordPress that my travel blog, Amalia Travel, has now gained 200 followers…so I wanna celebrate by giving you thanks! Continue reading

Omens on the Beach

This morning I am sitting out on the beach in the Dominican Republic. There is an area called Samana that has my favorite beaches on the whole island. One of my favorite ways to start the day is to have coffee while I write and journal. It’s that quiet time of the morning before anybody else seems to be awake. I had the entire beach to myself and the sun was rising in the east from behind mountains of lush green foliage and towering coconut palm trees that roll gently down to ocean shore. Continue reading

Empowered by Self-Perpetuation

I like words a lot, hence why I must enjoy writing so much. It seems to me that there is a power behind what we put words to. Ultimately, I believe that the power lies in what meaning we each give to something, whether it is an experience, a person, ourselves, or for that matter, a word. Both can go hand in hand, since after all, words are used to then express the meaning which we give something. Let us openly keep in mind as we read this, that this is why a word will mean different things to each of us.

The past week, I felt I was fishing around in my mind for a word to describe a feeling I was experiencing. It felt as though I was desiring something, but in a particular way…or perhaps it’s better described as pinpointing the kind of energy and emphasis I wanted to place on what I am desiring at this time. After days, the word came to me! This was the word…


[self-per-pech-oo-ey-ting, self-] 


1. continuing oneself in office, rank, etc., beyond the normal limit.
2. capable of indefinite continuation.

I love the parts of this definition that I emphasized in bold font. Another definition of this word that I like is the following…

Having the power to renew or perpetuate oneself or itself for an indefinite length of time.” 

For me, this word has come to encompass a powerful concept and energy that I want to see applied to many things in my life. Love (starting with my self-love) is the top one, along with peace and joy, creativity and abundance, traveling and money. Those are not the only things, but it’s a start. Looking up synonyms to the word, also helped me understand and apply it to myself. Click here to see a great list of those words.

What meaning do you give this word? What things in your life would you apply that meaning and energy to?

Gratitude and Traveling

Overflow with gratefulness today…

Amalia Travel

One of my favorite aspects of traveling is meeting people…new people, familiar people, people different from me, people similar to me…traveling takes us into other worlds, not just physically and geographically, but in ways unseen. With this in mind, it is not a surprise to me that traveling has been one of the greatest teachers of gratitude in my life. When I open myself to the world and others, to what is different from me and new from what I have ever known, I step into the opportunity to be grateful in ways that I would never know if I did not travel. It is not that gratitude cannot be achieved without traveling or by those who do not care to travel…not at all. I am simply speaking from myself, the one I know best, and I know that for me traveling is part of who I am and therefore…

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Being Synonymous with Spontaneity

What comes to mind when you think of the word “spontaneous”? I personally like the word and I’ve come to believe that it likes me. Missing out on experiences, especially ones shared with people, is one of my fears in life. I guess you could call it a fear. Or it can be better said that I simply do not like missing out on experiences with people. So I welcome spontaneity and jump on every opportunity I get when it comes my way. Most of the time I go out and make my own opportunities in the meantime. No sense in just sitting around and waiting for life to come our way.

To get a better look at this, let’s get the technical side over with: the word synonymous is defined as 1) “having the character of a synonym; also: alike in meaning or significance.” and 2) “Having the same connotations, implications, or reference.”. Now to the more exciting word, spontaneity is defined as 1) “the quality or state of being spontaneous.” (that makes sense) and 2) “voluntary or undetermined action or movement”.

I correlate spontaneity with words and phrases like “last-minute” and “flexible” and “living life to the fullest”. What do you correlate the word with? What other words and let’s say even feelings are for you, synonymous with spontaneity?

Life is full of great opportunities for spontaneity. Like this week…I was offered a free ski-in/ski-out condo in Breckenridge for practically the whole week! It came up pretty last-minute and I am so excited to have jumped on the opportunity and enjoyed such a fun time. Now, don’t even start in on your negative, beat-life-down thoughts like “well, you have the schedule” or “you have the money” or “those things are possible only for people like you”…I’m so tired of people who so quickly respond like that. Watch out for yourself and perhaps next time you think like that, maybe even this time, take a good hard look at why you respond like. So now I’ll move on from that soapbox of mine.

Getting back to spontaneity…I’m realizing that it gives us the opportunity to be comfortable with change and accepting of the reality that we cannot control life. To be spontaneous, one has to exhibit attributes of flexibility, openness, little control, and being relaxed and having a good attitude…the list could go on and on. What I want to point out is how those attributes are great things to have in one’s life, aren’t they? Would you not want to have those in your life and want for others in your life who affect you to have those attributes? Another great thing about spontaneity is that we can welcome it as opportunities that come our way and we can go out and create it ourselves. So it’s like receiving gifts in life and then at other times, like going out and making life happen for yourself. That jives with my life. Does it jive with yours?