Clear About Being

Let me be very clear…

Clear about being

Amalia Rebecca Maloney Del Riego…

All those names are me

I am a writer, singer, traveler, consultant human-being

A female, human-being, actually

I like to love and to express myself by doing things I love

Sometimes I write, other times I sing

In magical unseen ways, always traveling and praying

I also love being loved

Things I do are for the pure experiencing

Not just an end-result that may be produced

I like to think that we are human-beings

Being what we love

being love

Loving beings


A Bee Knows How to Be

22e27c04d52a11e28d2722000a1f8fa0_7I see them soar, I take a look close

From flower to flower they go

And yes, they gather

And yes, they do

Such fun they have it seems

A Bee seems to know

What to do, where to go

They receive and share life

Pollen gold

Beating wings, rapid speed

Alighting on petal colors bright…

They know who they are

Bees they be

And in being they thrive and live true…

Nature loves to show us

No effort it must make

All life simply is

It exist

What else can be more beautiful

Than the value of life

The sheer existence of each living thing.

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2013-06-14 10.15.33

2013-06-14 10.30.58