Let’s Just Create!

You know…when it really comes down to it…there’s no excuse for not creating. Why should I put off any longer what I want to make, what I want to bring to life? If it really is important to me, if it really is something I’m passionate about, then I must create it! And today, that’s what I did. Continue reading

Creative Juices Flowing – Ideas?

Lately, I’ve been listening to this fun little desire inside me to make things with my hands. Over Christmas it resulted in hand-made ornaments and festive Christmas decorations on a budget. Now, I’m thinking of making bookmarks and wine glass charms that can be delightful for me and my family, as well as great personalized gifts for friends. So where do I start? Continue reading

You and Facebook?

facebook-iconCan you remember the days when we didn’t have Facebook? I’m in my early thirties, so I certainly do…yet I realize, as the years go by, there’s upcoming generations that don’t know a time without the powerful online social network. Do you like Facebook? It’s use is not limited to just personal profiles anymore. For some time now, it’s a powerful tool for business as well. What’s your interaction with FB? Personal? Business? Maybe it’s both… Continue reading

The Legacy of Women

Me with (L to R) Marisol, my mom, and Ivelisse

Me with (L to R) Marisol, my mom, and Ivelisse

You can be around people and not even realize how much power they hold…all the stories of their lives, the love and tragedies, the overcoming and enjoying. I got to spend an amazing weekend and more with three amazing women. Now that we are all off to our own parts of the world, I am realizing the amazing legacy I am a part of because of them and what a gift I have in each of them. This female counter-part to the three musketeers are my mother, Angelines Del Riego, and her two best friends from high school, Alma Olalla (known as Marisol), and Ivelisse de la Cruz. All three are Dominican women, born and raised in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. Today, they each live in different parts of the world, yet…I recently enjoyed their company and even now, weeks later, am still feeling their powerfully, loving presence.  Continue reading

How Do I Create My Traveling Lifestyle?

IMG_1716Traveling is not about vacation for me or about taking a trip. For me, traveling is my lifestyle. I know that a lot of people wonder how I afford such a lifestyle. It’s okay that many people probably have their assumptions…maybe I’m rich, some lucky trust-funder (I absolutely do not believe in luck) or perhaps I get paid by a company related to travel and tourism…neither of those are the case for me. Here is how I manage to travel and how I am enjoying the journey of living one of my dreams and passions. Continue reading

The Magic of the Denver Botanic Gardens

Sometimes, a new beautiful place is right next door and practically “right under your nose” as the saying goes. This was just such a case for me. If you haven’t visited this amazing treasure of Denver, enjoying reading about it and I hope you go experience it for yourself soon.

Amalia Travel

2013-05-28 19.41.49Have you ever lived in a place and realized after years there, that you had not experienced one of its most precious jewels? I have now been living in Colorado for almost thirteen years and just last night was my first visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens. There is nothing like visiting a gorgeous garden and getting outside, to enjoy and celebrate the season of Spring. This came to my mind as I strolled with my dear friend Tom to the gardens, which are excitedly located just a few blocks from my house in the downtown Denver neighborhood of Capitol Hill.

2013-05-28 20.07.18-1

Arriving at our destination, we entered and immediately realized that we had come at one of the best times possible…the sun was setting behind large billowing clouds in the west, creating a light in the air that was pristine. Cast over everything was a dancing blend of…

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Thoughts on Birthdays

Today, April 4th, is my 31st birthday! I’m the kind of person that has always loved birthdays. Any occasion to celebrate and have fun gets me excited. I also love birthdays because I think it’s a great way to let people know that they’re loved and their life is meaningful. In the day-to-day, we can easily forget that each of our lives is special and has a unique, purposeful story. Especially when tough times and hard trials occur, which they are bound to happen, it is amazing to receive encouragement and love from another and to then pass it along and share the same with others.

This particular year I am thinking about how wonderful of a loving gift it would be to myself to give to others and consciously be of help to someone. While receiving gifts, well wishes and time from my loved ones is one of my favorite things and speaks volumes of love to me on my birthday or any day, helping others is a way of loving myself as well. Living my life to make a difference and do good for others, is such a powerful way of being thankful for my life. It makes me think of that golden rule we grow up hearing about, “do unto others as you would have done unto you“. One, it is simply needed because all of us in this world need each other and two, it reminds me that my life has a purpose and story to be enjoyed. This story and journey is amazingly and lovingly intertwined with everyone else’s. And yes, I mean everyone. This meaning is not confined by time and restricted to just the day of our birth…it has sparked the desire in my heart to be more conscious of living love and help to others every day of this life I am gifted with.

In years past I have enjoyed birthdays alone and birthdays with friends and loved ones. Sometimes there have been parties and gifts, other times traveling and a new land to experience along with new friends to get to know. Other years it has been more solo and quiet. All my birthdays have been wonderful and precious, because they are all a gift.

What are your thoughts on birthdays? How do you like to celebrate them and what is your favorite thing about the special day?