Taking that Plunge…

Do you ever watch or hear something and you feel something pull on your very soul? There is something so magically strong about the way that it doesn’t feel like pleasure and it doesn’t feel like pain. It is a knowing, a heady pulse that ripples through you and takes your breath away.

Moments like these are when I am reminded so much of my capabilities and power. In worldly terms, it can feel terrifying and reminds me of that feeling one gets when you’re riding a roller coaster and at the top of the tallest part of the track, it is just starting to drop drastically straight down into the air…that moment of the plunge.

It is not a horrible thing to experience this sensation. I find it worthwhile because of how powerfully it reminds me that I am alive and there is so much energy and wonder to being alive when we open ourselves to life in only the deep way that we can for ourselves.

While I could write pages and pages in detail of what the plunge sensation tells me about the things I dream of doing and the talents and gifts I have to share, I want instead to simply be in that sensation for a time, to be still with it and allow it and me to be and exist with no striving. A beautiful thing occurs for me when this takes place…I find myself listening and learning new things. There are always new things about myself, this world, and my dance and relationship with this world that I will always be listening to and learning about.

Taking the plunge carries me into a place of listening and learning, the most important result and work that can be done. From there is created and born results of taking the plunge. They are each lovingly different for each and every one of us, taking shape and form from the meaning and value that we each assign to the experience and learning.

When do you feel you are at the top of the roller coaster? What opens your eyes and heart, to see and feel who and where you truly are? Or perhaps for you, the imagery is that of a tall, towering cliff with no bottom in sight. There we sit or stand, on the very ledge…are you taking the plunge?

Freedom, Everywhere and Always

Today in the USA is our Independence Day. This 4th of July I’m reflecting on how I know this world…the family and people I know all over the world. There are those that I have met and those that I have yet to meet. The concepts and principles of today, that energy of freedom and independence, has always existed for all of time. It comes from inside of us, from that innate human nature. Despite what we may experience and see with our eyes, it exists everywhere.

At times and in some places in this world, there are fights that ensue for this. Yes, there are lives lost…and there are new lives that begin…new ones that are born. Could it be that those who sacrifice their life for freedom and independence, their freedom and our freedom, are those that learn to overcome death? What if their life and fight was not a sacrifice in some aspects of the word and more than anything, it was living…living with such courageous love that they embrace freedom from where it comes…magically before and extending beyond this life.

As a traveler, there are lessons I have learned about freedom and my independence. It is a power within me, a part of me, that teaches me I am not a victim, ever. From this perspective, I have discovered a new appreciation for the spirit of freedom and independence. One of the powerfully beautiful things about it, is that it will mean something different for each and every person.

Wherever you are in the world, know that if you want, you are free. Independence is not something given to you and therefore cannot be taken away. The truest sense of freedom is being you. What meaning and power do you give to freedom?

Gratitude and Traveling

Overflow with gratefulness today…

Amalia Travel

One of my favorite aspects of traveling is meeting people…new people, familiar people, people different from me, people similar to me…traveling takes us into other worlds, not just physically and geographically, but in ways unseen. With this in mind, it is not a surprise to me that traveling has been one of the greatest teachers of gratitude in my life. When I open myself to the world and others, to what is different from me and new from what I have ever known, I step into the opportunity to be grateful in ways that I would never know if I did not travel. It is not that gratitude cannot be achieved without traveling or by those who do not care to travel…not at all. I am simply speaking from myself, the one I know best, and I know that for me traveling is part of who I am and therefore…

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The Treasure of Me

The smallest, tiny effort

The quietest, whispered thought

An act of love internal,

From within, not from without

To embrace myself in kindness

To place myself in love

An experience all on my own

Yet not lonely, my company is enough

We can be so hard on ourselves

Putting down, power to doubt and fear

Sinking into judging others

Because I am actually judging me

No more of choosing weakness

No more of putting myself down

I will treat myself like a precious treasure

And in that way be strong, with peace and sound mind

For I am precious and pristine

With character gracious and regal

Full of love and wonder, creative heart

With nothing to prove

Only my life to live, myself to be

What a precious treasure I find in me


Down for the Count

Discouragement is heavy, holding me down

Sadness is pinning me to the ground

It hits hard, striking low, never seeming to let up

I’m assaulted and outnumbered

Feeling broken and crushed

Yet just as it seems time is ending

I breathe in and push myself back up

Onto my knees gasping, shakily to my feet I rise

No matter how many times I am down for the count

There nowhere else to go but up

And how long I stay down depends upon only me

Keeping myself there or getting back up

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Un Sentimiento de Esperanza – Feeling of Hope

“Feeling of Hope” post – Spanish Translation by Angie Del Riego

Cuando pienso en lo que es mas significativo para mí y lo que mas me gusta hacer, me da esta increíble sensación, fuerte dentro de mí, que con el tiempo he llegado a reconocer se trata de esperanza. Siento esta sensación, justo en el centro de mí, que tal vez es lo que se denomina “la boca del estómago”. En donde sea que esta sensación este presente, ya sé que es mi centro y lo que es más importante aún, sé que viene de lo más profundo de mi corazón y alma. Hay una alegría en esta sensación de esperanza y es fuerte y constante; con un peso que me hace consciente de lo importante que es. Tiene vida, este peso y gravitas. Aprendí sobre la palabra gravitas de un querido amigo mío hace años. Esta palabra latina es una de las virtudes romanas que significa algo de sustancia y calidad, como un fondo de la personalidad y la integridad. Continue reading