You and Facebook?

facebook-iconCan you remember the days when we didn’t have Facebook? I’m in my early thirties, so I certainly do…yet I realize, as the years go by, there’s upcoming generations that don’t know a time without the powerful online social network. Do you like Facebook? It’s use is not limited to just personal profiles anymore. For some time now, it’s a powerful tool for business as well. What’s your interaction with FB? Personal? Business? Maybe it’s both… Continue reading

Being Naked with Red Wine


I sit here, naked in my apartment in Oviedo, Spain…

Buzzed from local red wine, and disgusted from looking at Facebook for too long.

What is up with our society? Why is it that, we stay disconnected with all the technology we have?

I take another sip of red wine…earlier, the setting sun coming through the windows danced off that red wine…it cast rose-colored shadows on the table…

There are only a few things I’m aware of now and they seem most important…

My first love is gone forever. I don’t know how and I don’t know to whom, but he’s simply gone and I must accept that.

And many things are in motion that I can’t see…things that are building towards my future and that I have an idea about, but am afraid to be confident about.

I’m confused by this online society….I work in it, take part in it, and in that way, support it…

But what good is it really doing us in the long-run? What good is it doing me?

So here I sit, naked in my living room in Oviedo, Spain…drinking red wine and wondering, pondering…

Who are really my friends? What is my life all about? What is yet to come that I already know, but hesitate to admit?

Maybe this is what comes from being naked with red wine….


Wine and Late Night Writing…

Wine wakes me up in the middle of the night. What I mean exactly is that when I drink a couple (okay, or maybe a few) glasses of wine, I find I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t really sleep. I feel fine…my mind simply races with thoughts and I feel wide awake. My conclusion is that it must be the sugars.

But why not put middle-of-the-night-awake-moments to use and write? This is how I find myself at the kitchen table at 4:34 AM in the morning. I’m in a small rural village of Extremadura, one of the regions of Spain that borders Portugal. My laptop is still on Denver time, which is now 8:36 PM in that part of the world. For a while now I’ve been wanting to spend more time in Europe, especially Spain since I have dual citizenship there. It’s been interesting to see what being gone from my “home-base” of Denver, Colorado does to your relationships. Although we have Facebook and email, Skype and smart-phones, I think that “out of sight, out of mind” is still what happens when one is gone from home. This makes sense to me and I know I do it as well, because after all…we all have pretty busy lives. I think back to earlier times when the internet didn’t exist and people wrote letters, read magazines and newspapers to learn about happenings in the world, and the post was delivered by men on horseback…what a different world and style of communication then.

In college I majored in Human Communications (and no, that does not mean there’s an “Animal Communications” major out there…at least that I know of). Communication between people has always fascinated me. Whether its verbal, written, musical, or physical, I think that humans are always telling each other and themselves things. This can be through their direct words and efforts made and indirectly through their actions and behaviors. Sometimes we’re aware of what we’re communicating and sometimes we’re not. Add to this another person’s perception and how they interpret what you’re communicating…ah, yes…you can see now how deep this can go. This is where late night writing gets into trouble 🙂

All this to say, my ramblings seem to convey, at least in my mind they do, that the wine is the one communicating through me tonight (or in the case of Spanish time, this morning). It feels good to ramble in writing and to even make these somewhat random thoughts public. That is certainly one way that communication has changed drastically over the times…we have such public exposure and outlet for our thoughts and words. So if you find yourself ever awake at odd hours of the early morning or simply contemplating the things of life at any time of the day or night, be encouraged that you are not alone and you can share it…if you would like to. Here’s to communicating with ourselves and others!

Pros and Cons of Social Media

Over the past month I’ve been meeting a lot of new wonderful people throughout Italy and Switzerland and what I am finding to be the most common topic in discussion is social media. Not just social media though in the way that Americans think of Social Media, but more specifically how social media is affecting our societies and the way that we communicate and have relationships. People are looking pretty deeply into these matters and I’m glad to see that.

My experience with social media is a bit different and more full-time than others – I do it for work and have always been more interested in how it makes a good business for me rather than going overboard on it in the personal sense. On the personal side it never interested me as much, but I used it and do so more now. Overall, you could probably say that I am an average or medium user in my personal life. The professional life is where it comes into major play and that is because I work for myself as a consultant and manager of social media marketing for businesses. Why? Because I’m fascinated by the combination of marketing and understanding people who it involves. And it enables me to work from literally anywhere in the world, as long as I have an internet connection of course, which now-a-days is amazingly in most places.

Throughout Europe, people refer to this kind of work and service as Internet Marketing. Makes sense. Even among those of my generation (which, to give away my age, is currently at the age of late 20’s into mid-30’s), the consensus I am hearing from people is that on the personal and social side it is having negative affect and is harming our societies. I tend to agree and am seeing in different countries and cultures that concerns about people having good communication skills is being impacted by our obsession with social media. Rather than being able to sit and enjoy silence or simply be still, people are constantly on a device, texting or emailing, but hardly calling anymore and speaking voice to voice. Or for that matter, we are seeing more and more how people will be together at any number of occasions such as a show or even a date, and rather than talking to each other, they’re each on their phones messaging, checking into Facebook about who they’re with and where they are…what about simply being fully present and enjoying where you are and who you’re with?

Now I take part in these things as well, yet am recognizing and wanting to call out for myself that I want to maintain a balance and make sure that I’m keeping my interactions more human than media-based. Perhaps along with social media we should keep in mind social humanity too? There’s a lot of play on words that we could use to keep the reminder in front of us that our societies should be aware and careful and protect and practice true social interaction that is completely based on the most authentic and powerful ways of interacting within society…and those are interactions that are verbal and face-to-face. Let’s not lose the significance of body language, tone of voice, and so many other things that are simply not possible through social media.

I am liking the awareness and concerns that Europeans seem to be having about this and contribute their insight to their culture that is steeped in much older history and cultures that are also geographically closer. There’s endless factors that we could analyze, but I hope I am getting my point across without using even more words. Besides, I would love to hear your thoughts…preferably verbally or face-to-face of course. So give a call or come visit! Skype ID: amalia.maloney