Gratitude for Achievements!

200 Followers AchievedEven the smallest of achievements are worth being recognized and celebrated. When we practice gratitude for small achievements, which I believe play an essential role in “large” achievements, we’re extending the power of that accomplishment. Picture the ripple effect…that drop of water into a smooth, still body of liquid. Ripple after ripple is created and it extends further and further out. All it takes is just that one little drop.

I just got one of those nifty notifications from WordPress that my travel blog, Amalia Travel, has now gained 200 followers…so I wanna celebrate by giving you thanks! Continue reading

The Parts of my Personal Legend

Growing up and even as recently as the past few years, I have received the advice from people to focus on one thing at a time regarding talents and career. To do one thing very well, is better than trying to do several things not so well. This is even advice that I sometimes give to my clients in my social media coaching work. I recommend to them that they keep their plan simple when they are first starting and until they are managing it consistently, before expanding and growing into more social media platforms. Yet…and yes, there is a very big “but” here…what I am getting at in this little essay is that there more and more of us who are developing and enjoying multiple careers because we want to use and grow more than one of our talents and passions.  Continue reading

Enjoy the View

You may not see it, but it’s in my sight,

A far distant object, perhaps a castle on a hilltop.

It really is a small speck, I hardly noticed before,

Amidst other surrounding beauties, in the scene I behold.

Enjoy the view, I think,

Enjoy that long-distance sight.

This speaks to me deeply, even as I turn away,

And I see how it applies in all my life,

As I continue on my way.

For reaching the destination and achieving the goal,

Is wonderful and glorious, but even more so is the vision we hold.

To behold the entire scene, taking in colors, light and nature,

We see its contribution and leading to our distant dream.

An important part, essential in being actively a part of the vision.

So enjoy the view along your journey,

Look around and be present as you live towards your visions.