The Magic All Around

IMG_2781The magic of a person

And of when I hear a sound

Like the playing of piano

Or strumming of guitar

Rustling of colored leaves

Cascading of waterfalls

Invisible beauty of voices

Phrases of love being shared

There is magic all around us

In the simplest of things it is there

A gentle touch and caress

Melding together in loving embrace

An immense joy and exuberance

Even sadness or feeling lost

The simple grace of living

Is deep magic embodied

Flowing unseen and changing

Different for you and for me

Felt and experienced uniquely

I am grateful for magic in and around me

A Writer’s Inspiration

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For months now I have slacked in my writing. See that? I used the word “slacked”…it tends to be a more negative connotation and fact of the matter is, it shows me that I’m judging myself. Maybe what it comes down to, is that I simply needed time to not be writing; that uncomfortable strange […]

Gratitude for Achievements!

200 Followers AchievedEven the smallest of achievements are worth being recognized and celebrated. When we practice gratitude for small achievements, which I believe play an essential role in “large” achievements, we’re extending the power of that accomplishment. Picture the ripple effect…that drop of water into a smooth, still body of liquid. Ripple after ripple is created and it extends further and further out. All it takes is just that one little drop.

I just got one of those nifty notifications from WordPress that my travel blog, Amalia Travel, has now gained 200 followers…so I wanna celebrate by giving you thanks! Continue reading

A Beautiful Start to the Day

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Here are some photos I have taken recently. They remind me of the pure, simplicity of the beauty found in everyday nature that is around us. Since I am in the Dominican Republic right now, I am surrounded by lush green jungles of trees and flowers, gloriously beautiful beaches with stunning sunsets and awakening sunrises, […]

What We Tell

Don’t tell me this is how it is.

Why must it be as you say it should be?

Don’t tell me, life must go like this.

What do you know of my life and how it should go?

Don’t tell me, this is happiness and success.

Maybe I don’t want your idea of happiness and success.

Don’t tell me I cannot imagine and to be responsible.

To have imagination is the first responsibility I have.

Don’t tell me to be like you and that you have the answers.

I see your life and I do not want it.

Tell me your own story and ask me about my own.

I like stories and I like to share of myself.

Tell me of the impossible in your life and your imagination.

I have dreams and hopes as well and this we have in common.

Tell me of love and how love is in your life.

I can tell you of love as well and in that way we can show love to each other.

Tell me of your happiness without imposing it on me.

I will tell of my own happiness if I have chosen happiness for me.

Tell me of who you are and how you live your life.

I will tell you who I am and we will revel in our differences.

Tell me of what you desire and have yet to learn.

I will tell you my questions and thoughts and we will marvel at our similarities.