Zengo Makes for a Great Denver Happy Hour!

I am finding it very enjoyable to experience new things about Denver, even after twelve years of living here. A lot of times, those new experiences are new places to eat and drink…one of my favorite past-times.

Tonight I enjoyed a great happy hour at Zengo, which is in the LoDo area and right at Riverfront Park. This part of downtown borders the I-25 highway and the Platte River, so it’s easy to reach and a great patio spot when the weather is warm and sunny. Yet even on snowy, frigid nights like tonight, it was a great place for my friend Lisa McAlister and me, to satisfy our appetites. We sat in their bar area, which has soft lighting and low couches, along with tall wood tables and modern stools. The bar is large and curves in a half-circle shape under the colorful assortment of glass lights, dangling as large squares and rectangles. At first I wasn’t really sure what to call their style of food or what it really was. They define it simply and perfectly on their website as Latin-Asian.

Now, I’m not and never will be a “foodsy” person, so regardless of what they or you and I want to call it, I just know that everything I had there tonight, tasted really good. They have a great happy hour menu that Lisa and I picked from. This gave us the chance to share and enjoy from a variety of small plates, which came with a good amount of food, especially at happy hour prices. Between us both, we enjoyed the Wagyu Beef Albondigas (which is the Spanish word for “meatballs”), the Salt and Pepper Shrimp Roll (sushi), a Kabayaki Glazed Salmon Belly Roll (another roll of their sushi), and their Adobo Chicken Steam Buns. Lisa enjoyed a beer and I savored a glass of their featured happy hour red wine.

The service was good and friendly and the environment was pleasant to the senses. In the background the music was soft, which I really like because it’s irritating to me when music is too loud in a restaurant and if conversations are hard to hear. I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the happy hour prices were as well, with the most expensive item of our choices being $7 for the salmon sushi roll. Throughout the night, I felt comfortable and relaxed in my surroundings, enjoyed tastes that were pleasantly fresh and a unique combination of flavors, and the presentation of the food was a delight for my eyes while it was also a joy for my tummy. I can say with excitement that I’m already looking forward to going back to Zengo soon and will be recommending it to others. And they made it pretty easy for us since they have a great happy hour schedule of Monday – Saturdays, 5pm-7pm. So get in there and let me know what you think as well!