Christmas as Kids

Remember what Christmas was like for you as a kid? One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time when I was a kid, was to lie down under the tree, nestled in among the gifts, usually a bit to the back of the tree. I loved doing this because I would gaze up at the magical intertwining of beautiful twinkling lights weaving through dark green and brown pine needles and branches, breathing in deeply of the comforting fragrance of pine tree that to this day makes me think so much of the holidays. There has always been something so magical for me about Christmas and it was especially so when I was a child.

I held out hope and belief in Santa Clause for years, all the way till I was nine or ten I think. I know…a bit older than most kids still believe today. Yet I have always been like that…not just a hopeless romantic, but a hopeless believer too I guess. Although I like to call it hopeful romantic and hopeful believer instead. What a negative misconception to warp ourselves into words and references that cause us to focus on an extreme of romance and believe that leaves us void of hope. Nope…not my way of thinking and living anymore, than you very much.

Christmas does not seem as monumental of an event to me now as it did to me when I was a kid. Yet similar to when I was a kid, I feel that the spirit of magic and imagination that is found in Christmas, is more so with me year-round. There were many years of young adulthood throughout my twenties when I was not aware of this. They were the times when I was striving so hard to live according to perceptions and views that society and the world in general and others say that I should have.

With this in mind, I wish you a magical and creative holiday season that will carry you into a new year of imagination and magical living. Enjoy being creative in whatever way is special to you and remember to live with the heart of spirit of a child.

True Reality

I hear, “open my eyes to reality”…

My idea of reality is shaken.

For my eyes are closed and I feel the wind, cool and soft, coming and going…

It is not seen, only felt. The air is invisible, yet all around me.

What if reality is far different from what we think?

Rather than the impossible being unimaginable and fiction, what if it is reality?

The unseen, the invisible…possible, imaginable…

These are reality…reality of what we feel but do not see…

What we imagine, what we hope, what we dream before we really know.

What reality is true? What eyes must be open to see reality?

We must endure contradictions to society to truly see reality,

To find where reality is born and resides…

In the impossible, the unknown, the hidden, and the unseen.

This is the home of hope, dreams, inspiration, and faith.

Maybe my eyes should be closed and my heart opened…

The true reality…I feel the wind with eyes opened and closed,

Yet when do I recognize and know the wind most?