How Do I Create My Traveling Lifestyle?

IMG_1716Traveling is not about vacation for me or about taking a trip. For me, traveling is my lifestyle. I know that a lot of people wonder how I afford such a lifestyle. It’s okay that many people probably have their assumptions…maybe I’m rich, some lucky trust-funder (I absolutely do not believe in luck) or perhaps I get paid by a company related to travel and tourism…neither of those are the case for me. Here is how I manage to travel and how I am enjoying the journey of living one of my dreams and passions. Continue reading

Enduring Hope

Why does hope have to be so much work?

Am I doing something wrong?

The intensity of my passions

It calls upon

Every thought so examined for support

Like a cheering song

I must muster courage and most times am alone

Expectations cannot be on others

I must do this climb solo

All of me it requires, all of me it takes

Because God wants for all of me

To enjoy what only hope can taste

2012-11-11 18.16.18

Enjoy the View

You may not see it, but it’s in my sight,

A far distant object, perhaps a castle on a hilltop.

It really is a small speck, I hardly noticed before,

Amidst other surrounding beauties, in the scene I behold.

Enjoy the view, I think,

Enjoy that long-distance sight.

This speaks to me deeply, even as I turn away,

And I see how it applies in all my life,

As I continue on my way.

For reaching the destination and achieving the goal,

Is wonderful and glorious, but even more so is the vision we hold.

To behold the entire scene, taking in colors, light and nature,

We see its contribution and leading to our distant dream.

An important part, essential in being actively a part of the vision.

So enjoy the view along your journey,

Look around and be present as you live towards your visions.