Just Be a Friend

“…praying for you…” and “…turn to God…”

That’s what I hear them say.

Or at times it’s not even a phone call, but words emailed instead.

Do you know me? Have you spent time with me yet?

Who are you to speak into my life?

I have heard and read your words before

And they later turned to hurt me like a knife.

I hear your God is love, I’ve read it somewhere too,

And you say his son Jesus walked the earth and died for me and you.

Well how did this Jesus live and what did he say?

Was he a friend and did he hang out?

Did he get to know people in his day?

Or was he just talk, like you are, without knowing me in any way?

Cause I just need a friend, someone to know me and be there.

The words can come later and perhaps will make sense for my heart then.

But for your God’s sake, just stop it! Shut your mouth and talk less.

What? Is your God so strong that he needs you to speak at me but not even know me instead?

Is that the kind of friend he would be to me in the end?

How about trusting your God to show this love you talk about

By simply being a friend?


*This poem is dedicated to my mother, who God has used to teach me about his grace and unconditional love.