Experiencing the Flow of Life

This poem was inspired by a spontaneous enjoyment of a Colorado creek. To read more about that experience, visit the post on my travel blog: Going With the Flow of Life.

A spontaneous adventure

Of jumping in a creek

Taught me more than I expected

Its journey for my heart was sweet

Invigorated by the mountain water

Cold chill, a cleansing wash

A soft breeze carrying warm sunshine

The bright rays touching with warmth

As I laid in this flowing water

Laying back to simply float

Allowing it to carry me

Feeling the current move me along

At first I was struggling

Creating my own mistrust

This led to more bumps and bruises

Than when I surrendered,

Completely laid back to float

When I relaxed and enjoyed my breathing

I felt aware, fully present in experiencing

Immersing myself in the river’s flow

Looking up and enjoying the sky’s beauty

The masterpiece overhead of sky, trees, and sun

Feeling the water embracing me

Carrying me so sweetly and strong,

A most beautiful dance of sensations

Of trust and surrender, being taken care of

Of peacefully flowing along

Oh my God! How much this is like life

Where I struggle with the current

With myself and nature I fight

I end up sputtering on that lovely water

Hitting rocks that don’t have to hurt

And what a beautiful lesson

As all life truly is

That I can flow in this life river

It cares for me, bringing me along

For whatever may come my way,

For all that I do not know

For the “what if’s”, the “how to’s”

I can instead embrace the unknown

So I choose to allow and accept,

And this means in love I can let go

To surrender to the power

Of me and the river of life’s flow

The Treasure of Me

The smallest, tiny effort

The quietest, whispered thought

An act of love internal,

From within, not from without

To embrace myself in kindness

To place myself in love

An experience all on my own

Yet not lonely, my company is enough

We can be so hard on ourselves

Putting down, power to doubt and fear

Sinking into judging others

Because I am actually judging me

No more of choosing weakness

No more of putting myself down

I will treat myself like a precious treasure

And in that way be strong, with peace and sound mind

For I am precious and pristine

With character gracious and regal

Full of love and wonder, creative heart

With nothing to prove

Only my life to live, myself to be

What a precious treasure I find in me


Quiet, Grey Morning…

It’s that quiet grey outside…

The kind that looks soft and is flat of light and color

Yet comforting and cozy in some way.

The trees are still bare and their branches naked and leafless.

The air is still with no breeze and only a slight chill.

It seems to be an easy state of weather, a lull in sensations…

Not overwhelming and loud, it’s energy balanced and even.

Quiet and hushed, gentle and welcoming.

Restful…it feels restful and at the same time alive.

Paying Attention

The bright light of sun rays entering the room,

Touching my skin warmly, tingling, gently burning.

A distant sound of trumpet notes calls out in the air,

Traveling from somewhere amidst neighboring houses.

A quietness fills the house, still and yet alive,

Like a center of peace, formed by the outer sounds.

A dog barking, cars driving by, even slight voices…

Yet stillness is in this house and I sense it in me,

That peaceful tranquility no matter what surrounds.

The tap-tapping of computer keys as I write these words down,

The bending of my legs, under me and against my chest,

The reflection of myself in the laptop screen,

Vague in shades of shadow and sunlight on my skin.

My toes are slightly cold, my body relaxed and at peace…

Amazing what paying attention can do,

It connects us to the present moment,

It can help us feel so deep,

It delights in the details and speaks to me…

Of letting go, of embracing more, of things I cannot see,

Especially of peace and how it feels when it comes from within me.

No matter what is around me or even what is within,

Paying attention connects and makes me see that I am living.




No sound, feeling peaceful and serene.



Tranquility fills the air, it fills me.



Like comfort to my senses, rest for me.



A place unseen, a safe haven I feel.



I receive and grow, no depleting occurs.



To do is good, yet to know how to be is powerful.


Conflict and Peace

I feel conflicted.

Not quite there and not quite here…

Discomfort and lost-ness is most apparent.

Like I’m gliding through the air and about to fall out of the sky.

I can accept that there will always be things unknown…

There are simply certain things I want to get right…

A kind of life I would like to have and a person I want to be.

These conflicts, this unease…it may be uncomfortable,

Yet necessary and worth it in my effort to live deeply.

Questions can be scary and they involve a risk…

Once that door is opened, our wanderings are set loose.

Deeper and deeper I could sink into this,

Then something simple comes to my mind…

Relax, Amalia…relax. And enjoy this ride of life.

Because despite my thoughts, all things still exist…

And I can be busy living my life,

Alongside these questions and conflicts.

With their existence it also means,

That peace exists for me to feel.