I Get to Love

I am here

Here I am

I get to love

To love is why I am here

What a gift this is for me

That I can love

Not only me, but also you

To get to love

Is worth any pain

Love last beyond hurt

It mends and makes way

I get to love!

I get to be in love

It is not to give

It is not to take

Yet it is lived out

It is grown and embraced

I am here

Here I am

I get to love

Love I get to be

Layers of History

Oviedo, Spain

I have been fascinated lately with time. My thoughts have pondered and contemplated what kind of impact time truly has on me and the world. Do I have the right perception of it…the right understanding? Is it something that limits me or something I can actually supersede? These thoughts, my companions as of late, have brought me to the realization and belief that time is actually a place. No wonder that for the longest time humans have been intrigued by the concept of time travel! Continue reading

Wonderfully Perplexed

No answers, no assurances, no guarantees that I can see

Just wonderings and questionings, active curiosity.

Sometimes being still, sometimes listening, sometimes speaking

Is when I contemplate deeply, searching and seeking.

There’s insight, revelation, explanation to things unseen

It occurs on occasion, understanding fills my being.

There’s quiet, silence, waiting is harder than it seems

It stands between us and a reality, remaining like a dream.

What is the more rewarding, satisfying and growing

With our thoughts, inner-searching and exploring?

Looking around, seeing and feeling, facing unknowns out there

Leaves us wondering and questioning, tending to stare.

Asking aloud, asking ourselves, asking to simply ask

Can be unsettling, with its silence and no given task.

Nothing to do, nothing to act on, being back at the start

Just to listen, wonder more, causing us to look in our heart.

Perplexed…is what this feels like, perplexed…it works like art

Perplexed can be beautiful, wonderfully perplexed speaks of your heart.

It’s not about the Answers

I see them suffering, I hear their woes,

Listening to their hurtful souls.

They’re venting to me, being vulnerable,

Longing to be heard, understood.

I hear and relate, I can understand,

My heart feels for my friend.

To be set free, not hurt but overcome,

Is what we both want for them.

And I hurry to say, I feel it rise up in me,

I know the answers for you.

Yet when I speak , they still do not see,

They tell their story again, more.

But I have the answers for you, I think,

Let me try to tell it differently.

Then it dawns on me, I have to let go,

I’ve been in their shoes before.

Many times hurting, crying for answers,

Yet actually needing more.

A friend to be there, caring, listening,

Some words can be okay too.

There can be answers, yours may be mine,

I’m sure some see them when I don’t.

Yet we all need another journeying with us,

As we walk through what we feel.

Maybe it’s not about the answers,

It’s the actual search for them,

And who stays beside us as we seek.