Taking that Plunge…

Do you ever watch or hear something and you feel something pull on your very soul? There is something so magically strong about the way that it doesn’t feel like pleasure and it doesn’t feel like pain. It is a knowing, a heady pulse that ripples through you and takes your breath away.

Moments like these are when I am reminded so much of my capabilities and power. In worldly terms, it can feel terrifying and reminds me of that feeling one gets when you’re riding a roller coaster and at the top of the tallest part of the track, it is just starting to drop drastically straight down into the air…that moment of the plunge.

It is not a horrible thing to experience this sensation. I find it worthwhile because of how powerfully it reminds me that I am alive and there is so much energy and wonder to being alive when we open ourselves to life in only the deep way that we can for ourselves.

While I could write pages and pages in detail of what the plunge sensation tells me about the things I dream of doing and the talents and gifts I have to share, I want instead to simply be in that sensation for a time, to be still with it and allow it and me to be and exist with no striving. A beautiful thing occurs for me when this takes place…I find myself listening and learning new things. There are always new things about myself, this world, and my dance and relationship with this world that I will always be listening to and learning about.

Taking the plunge carries me into a place of listening and learning, the most important result and work that can be done. From there is created and born results of taking the plunge. They are each lovingly different for each and every one of us, taking shape and form from the meaning and value that we each assign to the experience and learning.

When do you feel you are at the top of the roller coaster? What opens your eyes and heart, to see and feel who and where you truly are? Or perhaps for you, the imagery is that of a tall, towering cliff with no bottom in sight. There we sit or stand, on the very ledge…are you taking the plunge?