I Get to Love

I am here

Here I am

I get to love

To love is why I am here

What a gift this is for me

That I can love

Not only me, but also you

To get to love

Is worth any pain

Love last beyond hurt

It mends and makes way

I get to love!

I get to be in love

It is not to give

It is not to take

Yet it is lived out

It is grown and embraced

I am here

Here I am

I get to love

Love I get to be

Courageous Love

Courage is not the absence of fear

For fear will still be around

Yet to step out and move forward

In the face of that fear

Is what bravery is all about

We may still tremble and we will quake

The other direction we will look to take

Then love draws our gaze back

Hope considers risk

Pain must still be felt, compassion achieved

And we never lose if we have it guide us

By the hands of love

Rather than into the prison of fear

For fear teaches us it is meaningful

That there is something amazing at stake

It ignites within a depth of life

That being willing to lose is not a mistake

For to experience, to really live

Is to love even if love is one day lost

To love even if love is not returned

So we are ready for recognizing, accepting

That gift of lasting love that is present

We will know fear then in truth and awareness

And bravely be open of ourselves and others

To love beyond this world…

A love that is courageous


In Love or Love In?

Where did the phrase “in love” come from? What does it really mean to “be in love”? I do not know how long the phrase has been around. But it eludes me. I’m not satisfied with how it is phrased and I suppose that could have something to do with what it has come to mean in my world: American, middle-class society.

If I really think back to when I first heard and learned the phrase, I could honestly say that it was since I was a baby. I don’t remember it specifically, however I know the phrase to have already been so common at that time, in the early 80’s. We most commonly hear it as “falling in love”. An action, describing something happening to a person and giving the image that it lands a person in a certain place and that place is love. And then there’s the variation of “being in love”. This gives the impression of a state of mind, once again another place that a person is in. What does that tell me though of how it is supposed to feel? What are the emotions associated with it and is it an emotion? Or could it be a place – a state of mind? Is it a combination of both?

What if we turned those phrases around? What if instead, we went around saying that we were “love in falling”? Or that I was “love in being”? Does it suggest more control on the part of the one in love? Or could it reveal that love exist completely aside from our actions and place? Could it imply that we can always have love, in all that we are and all that we are doing? Could it be that love is always with us? Or are there times in our lives when love is not there?

I googled some of these questions and I have to confess, that the results are too overwhelming for me to list them here or get in over my head beyond the curious thoughts I already entertain. Throughout the world love is associated with emotion and passion, good virtue and compassion, sex and affection, commitment and relationships, choice and the inevitable.

But I have no answers, only questions still. I think I will never stop wondering about what it means to “be in love” or “fall in love”. It must be and look different for each person and yet have a foundation and key elements that are beyond us and un-explainable. I hope it is un-explainable and not confined to my limited understanding. Yet, what could that one foundation be that proves love to be love?

And as scary as it is to put into writing, I will claim that so far it is looking a lot different from what I had thought and expected. This is what makes me want to re-phrase such a universal concept in my mind. Why not “love in being”? Why not “love in falling”? Why not “love in…”?