Walking the Line – Slacklining and Highlining

2013-04-25 14.57.35Have you ever heard of a sport called slacklining? Over a handful of years ago I was introduced to this new recreational activity by my younger brother, Mark. As a rock climber, he was around a great community of people who love the outdoors. They thrive on using their bodies to scale the earth, not only by traversing and scaling rock formations, but now also by suspending a rope between formations and walking the line. Thus slacklining is born and now enjoyed all over the world. It’s catching on fast and with the momentum it has, is certainly not going to stop. Today my brother and I hung out with slacklining friends of his in Boulder. They set up two lines; a long line and a regular line. While hanging out with them, I was reminded of how fun the sport is and more importantly, what a great community of people it attracts. No wonder it’s taking the world by storm. Anywhere people set up and enjoy it, people stop and stare and even more fun, ask to learn and try it out.

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