Where We Stand

Something soulful going on here

Reaching past suffering

A celebration of Unity

You can

Be Aware

Where we stand

Finding yourself walking a labyrinth

Shocking truth revealed

All around us lessons

You can

Redeem You

Where we stand

Materials and ingredients you use

Do you suffer?

You should play healing

You can

Speak out

Where we stand

Challenging convention and choosing both

Watch own promises

Feed your soul risk

You can

Choose You

Where we stand

Feeding your soul pure care

Your life exposed

New thinking new possibilities

You can

Breathe easier

Where we stand

Embracing all cultures, people, anyone

Life Source Resource

Encounter standards and ambiguity

You can

Free You

Where we stand

Enjoy every day smile bold

Path to peace

Experience the game beauty

You can

Guide stars

Where we stand

Something soulful going on here

Powerful, I am

Discover celebration of Unity






Thoughts on Birthdays

Today, April 4th, is my 31st birthday! I’m the kind of person that has always loved birthdays. Any occasion to celebrate and have fun gets me excited. I also love birthdays because I think it’s a great way to let people know that they’re loved and their life is meaningful. In the day-to-day, we can easily forget that each of our lives is special and has a unique, purposeful story. Especially when tough times and hard trials occur, which they are bound to happen, it is amazing to receive encouragement and love from another and to then pass it along and share the same with others.

This particular year I am thinking about how wonderful of a loving gift it would be to myself to give to others and consciously be of help to someone. While receiving gifts, well wishes and time from my loved ones is one of my favorite things and speaks volumes of love to me on my birthday or any day, helping others is a way of loving myself as well. Living my life to make a difference and do good for others, is such a powerful way of being thankful for my life. It makes me think of that golden rule we grow up hearing about, “do unto others as you would have done unto you“. One, it is simply needed because all of us in this world need each other and two, it reminds me that my life has a purpose and story to be enjoyed. This story and journey is amazingly and lovingly intertwined with everyone else’s. And yes, I mean everyone. This meaning is not confined by time and restricted to just the day of our birth…it has sparked the desire in my heart to be more conscious of living love and help to others every day of this life I am gifted with.

In years past I have enjoyed birthdays alone and birthdays with friends and loved ones. Sometimes there have been parties and gifts, other times traveling and a new land to experience along with new friends to get to know. Other years it has been more solo and quiet. All my birthdays have been wonderful and precious, because they are all a gift.

What are your thoughts on birthdays? How do you like to celebrate them and what is your favorite thing about the special day?



My eyes feel heavy,

My head hangs low,

This body is weary,

But the heart even more so

I’m ‘o so tired…

It courses through all of me

And shocking above all

Is how double worn my spirit seems

Why do I write of these emotions?

Of when things are hard and sad

Why do I pour out my heart in writing

When my world seems to be going mad

I would rather master sharing my happiness

Embrace putting words to joy

Even if I am tired, may I see past me

And share hope along with sorrow

Yet I do not stop here, I have other thoughts

Why rush me to not be tired?

Why bug me to move on?

Leave me be to feel my emotions

Give me space to face them in me

For only then can I let go of them

Only then can I move on to be free

With being real about what I’m feeling

I can have compassion for myself and you

I can relate to when others are down or happy

I can be in the moment, whether joyful or blue

What First

So many things on my precious mind

Sporadic and jumbled it feels

What do I start with?

Where do I begin?

What first?

From my long, long list

Do I veer towards productivity?

Yet how is productivity defined?

Or do I drop all things to do nothing?

Being still and quiet inside

I find myself gravitate towards writing

Wanting to release through words on the page

Is this what I start with?

Is this where I begin?

Is first?

Taking care of me is where I begin

Writing is sometimes what I may do

Perhaps singing will at times express me best

While being still and doing nothing also works

First things first

Perhaps I need to rest


Christmas as Kids

Remember what Christmas was like for you as a kid? One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time when I was a kid, was to lie down under the tree, nestled in among the gifts, usually a bit to the back of the tree. I loved doing this because I would gaze up at the magical intertwining of beautiful twinkling lights weaving through dark green and brown pine needles and branches, breathing in deeply of the comforting fragrance of pine tree that to this day makes me think so much of the holidays. There has always been something so magical for me about Christmas and it was especially so when I was a child.

I held out hope and belief in Santa Clause for years, all the way till I was nine or ten I think. I know…a bit older than most kids still believe today. Yet I have always been like that…not just a hopeless romantic, but a hopeless believer too I guess. Although I like to call it hopeful romantic and hopeful believer instead. What a negative misconception to warp ourselves into words and references that cause us to focus on an extreme of romance and believe that leaves us void of hope. Nope…not my way of thinking and living anymore, than you very much.

Christmas does not seem as monumental of an event to me now as it did to me when I was a kid. Yet similar to when I was a kid, I feel that the spirit of magic and imagination that is found in Christmas, is more so with me year-round. There were many years of young adulthood throughout my twenties when I was not aware of this. They were the times when I was striving so hard to live according to perceptions and views that society and the world in general and others say that I should have.

With this in mind, I wish you a magical and creative holiday season that will carry you into a new year of imagination and magical living. Enjoy being creative in whatever way is special to you and remember to live with the heart of spirit of a child.

Quotes from la Mama

I think rainy and grey days exist, just so we appreciate the sunny and clear days even more.

Don’t have a cow, have a sheep.

This morning we were having a cow….now we’re having a sheep.

…that they would not be able to resist what they see and feel from within us…

I love you…

The Sound of Our Hearts

Is there such a thing as complete silence?

What about the sound of the thoughts in our heads?

When the outside world is rushing by its easy to not hear…

Our inner voice, the voice of God, may be drowned out if we’re not still.

A simple request, an intentional pause, to stop and open our hearts…

Can maybe show us through what we see, what we need to hear inside.

If we practice listening in the everyday, amidst the noise of our home and world,

Then we won’t be startled – hello, that’s our heart – in the silent moments too.

At first, we may not recognize the sound of our own thoughts.

And it may be that we hear a war between our heart and our thoughts.

Only we can align them together, what we feel and what we know.

Or we may come face to face with not knowing what we truly feel and what we truly know.

We must question ourselves and answer our questions. God gave us this rationale.

So we can know the sound of our hearts and recognize it in the world.

Hello dear heart…there you are…and my thoughts, they welcome you too.

Now there’s a level to life I was missing before, but now I have become aware,

Of the voice of my heart, the voice of God, amidst the sounds of this world I am in.