The Parts of my Personal Legend

Growing up and even as recently as the past few years, I have received the advice from people to focus on one thing at a time regarding talents and career. To do one thing very well, is better than trying to do several things not so well. This is even advice that I sometimes give to my clients in my social media coaching work. I recommend to them that they keep their plan simple when they are first starting and until they are managing it consistently, before expanding and growing into more social media platforms. Yet…and yes, there is a very big “but” here…what I am getting at in this little essay is that there more and more of us who are developing and enjoying multiple careers because we want to use and grow more than one of our talents and passions.  Continue reading

Gratitude and Traveling

Overflow with gratefulness today…

Amalia Travel

One of my favorite aspects of traveling is meeting people…new people, familiar people, people different from me, people similar to me…traveling takes us into other worlds, not just physically and geographically, but in ways unseen. With this in mind, it is not a surprise to me that traveling has been one of the greatest teachers of gratitude in my life. When I open myself to the world and others, to what is different from me and new from what I have ever known, I step into the opportunity to be grateful in ways that I would never know if I did not travel. It is not that gratitude cannot be achieved without traveling or by those who do not care to travel…not at all. I am simply speaking from myself, the one I know best, and I know that for me traveling is part of who I am and therefore…

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The Magic of the Denver Botanic Gardens

Sometimes, a new beautiful place is right next door and practically “right under your nose” as the saying goes. This was just such a case for me. If you haven’t visited this amazing treasure of Denver, enjoying reading about it and I hope you go experience it for yourself soon.

Amalia Travel

2013-05-28 19.41.49Have you ever lived in a place and realized after years there, that you had not experienced one of its most precious jewels? I have now been living in Colorado for almost thirteen years and just last night was my first visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens. There is nothing like visiting a gorgeous garden and getting outside, to enjoy and celebrate the season of Spring. This came to my mind as I strolled with my dear friend Tom to the gardens, which are excitedly located just a few blocks from my house in the downtown Denver neighborhood of Capitol Hill.

2013-05-28 20.07.18-1

Arriving at our destination, we entered and immediately realized that we had come at one of the best times possible…the sun was setting behind large billowing clouds in the west, creating a light in the air that was pristine. Cast over everything was a dancing blend of…

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Moving Along My Path

2012-12-04 06.57.21I am on another bus ride from Higuera la Real to Madrid. This must be the fourth time I’ve done this bus ride within this year and each time, the route and landscape seem different. It always makes me slightly double-take in my mind about whether or not I’m on the right bus. Yep…it’s the right one. Outside are green rolling fields of olive trees, springing up in rows from a ground carpeted with teeny tiny yellow wildflowers. They are my sunshine today since the sun is taking a reprieve behind the rainy grey clouds. I spot castles and cathedrals slightly farther out in the distance, atop hill summits and surrounded by little Spanish village homes topped with their endearing traditionally red Spanish-tiled roofs…marbled boulders and rocks are strewn throughout the ground, some clustered together like giant marbles tossed on the earth. Tomorrow I catch my flight returning to Denver. Continue reading

Why is Patience Important?

Paying attention…sounds easier than it is

Not looking over the shoulder to the past

Not craning your neck to see far ahead

Looking around, observing, truly seeing

Being and taking all in, with all the senses…

A dirt road, slightly muddy, creamy brown

Laid out straight, heading into green hills

Ancient rock walls, grey-black-bluish tint

Tall grasses, wispy and brown, green fringe

Billowy clouds, white and slate-charcoal

Floating past olive trees, brown trunks

Green waxy leaves, adorned with black olives

Endearing white lambs, bleating and grazing

Nuzzling with parent sheep, bell collar clanging

Wide open eyes of kittens, perched and starring

Coats of patchwork colors, brown-black on white

Sun shine coming and going from behind clouds

The wind on my face with cold kisses…

Fully in the moment, present and feeling

Patient with oneself, patient with time

I’ve heard it say, patience is important

Because it makes us pay attention.

*This post inspired by a walk through rural Spain in the region of Extremadura – town of Higuera la Real. Enjoy more images of the walk by visiting the album: Afternoon Walk in Rural Spain





Unlock Your iPhone for Traveling through Europe

How many weeks into traveling does it take to develop some good traveling advice? Well, we could of course say it depends, but I’ve determined that within two weeks, you’re pretty likely to gain some fantastic knowledge that is valuable to be shared.

Within the first three weeks of my 6 months of traveling through Europe, I have what I believe to be a very valuable tip that I want to share. I hope its helpful and as you’ve probably guessed, if I’m already learning this much, there will be even more to come with almost 5.5 months left…or who knows…maybe longer!

My first relates more so to anyone who has Verizon Wireless and is traveling with an iPhone. Many have told me that there was no way that Verizon was allowing for their iPhones to be unlocked so that other SIM cards and service providers could be used on their phones. Well, myself and others have proved that an iPhone with them can be unlocked. They even do it themselves for you. Here is what to do:

  1. Visit this site for all the details that I feel I don’t need to repeat:
  2. Then keep in mind that you can ask Verizon to put your account on one of two kinds of holds: billed or not-billed. The billed means that you still pay each month, but it’s just the basic minimum and your account is not capable of roaming or other charges occurring. The not-billed means that you don’t pay anything for up to 90 days and then at the end of the 90 days you can even request that they give you another 90 day hold or even, at that point, request a hold for up to 6 months! Hard to believe, but it’s what they told me and what I now have set up and am doing myself. The thing with not being billed is that the time you have on hold does get added to the end of your contract period and therefore extends your contract for that much longer. That of course effects upgrades to new phones, etc.
  3. If you have your Verizon iPhone unlocked by Verizon, then you can just go to one of the local providers in the area you’re traveling in and get a SIM card. You can already have this and install it yourself with Verizon on the phone with you to talk you through it. Otherwise, do what I did and already be in another country, get Verizon on the phone (the number is listed on their site which is in the link above in step 1), they adjust your account for it to be unlocked right then and there, then go the next day to buy a SIM card in a local provider store and have them activate it for you.

Make sure to hang on to your original SIM card of course, keeping it in a secure place. You will also want to keep all the details and information that you get from the new SIM card that you purchase and install for the area that you’re traveling in and using your iPhone in. This will have your PIN and you don’t want to lose that.

Stay tuned for other tips that I learn along the way and if you have tips of your own, please share…I have a lot to learn and traveling and fellow-travelers are the best teachers. Ciao! Au Revoir!