Wise Words from Carmen

Carmen is the one sitting up in the window sill :)

Carmen is the one sitting up in the window sill 🙂

Dear Carmen…she is the small, little lady who has been with my mother’s family long before I was alive. She is from the Dominican Republic and lives there now. I am staying with her while visiting my family. Her stature is short and she is older and grey now, but her personality exudes a big energy and when she speaks, there’s no chance of not hearing her…that little voice of her’s is loud, just as her generous heart is so big. Her faith is Catholic and she is one of the most accepting, loving people I know in my life. On the same hand, she’s the one I learned all the Spanish curse words I know! When she makes a point to speak something to me, I make sure to listen. That is the confidence and energy with which she speaks, sometimes relating what she shares to something God spoke to her, a message she heard from her church, or more often than not, from one of the many heart-touching experiences her life has been filled with.

Today, she came to me in the kitchen and told me this… Continue reading

Roots of Wisdom

A tree of life stood to flourish full,

I think the roots were strong and deep.

It’s unseen anchor into the ground,

Like wisdom in the soil of faith.

From these roots of wisdom grew,

A solid trunk of truth and love.

The leaves that flourished were blessings,

Gifts of abundance that were asked for.

Yet the delightful treasure was the fruit,

Brightly colored, induced of juicy life.

Love, joy, peace, as apples and pears,

Patience and kindness abounded.

Goodness and faithfulness flourished,

Gentleness was of a subtle strong taste.

Self-control needed to be cooked to enjoy,

And it was worth the smallest effort.

…I thought about this tree of life I saw…

If roots of wisdom are not strongly deep,

The tree may be full, lush with leaves,

Yet not nourishing with life-giving fruits.

Or perhaps it is top-heavy, unbalanced,

Ready to topple over in life’s storms.

…Grow deep and strong, roots of wisdom,

To birth and sustain an abundant tree of life…